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Excursions and itineraries in Pesaro and Fano

Climbing down from the lush hills you find yourself HERE, where the sea sweetly merges with the horizon, the land is steeped in history, the air is music and the taste is rich in tradition.
 Right here, halfway between the lively cities of Pesaro and Fano, here where the bicycle is synonymous with freedom.
 You will be overwhelmed by a past rich in Art and Culture and in less than no time you will find yourself admiring the medieval beauties of Urbino, Gradara and its castle, San Leo and its fortress.
You can dive between the imposing cliffs of the Gola del Furlo or discover the great treasure hidden inside the Frasassi Caves.
You will feel welcomed and reassured by the sacredness of Loreto.

HERE, where you can turn your holiday into an unforgettable experience.

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